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Smart & Final Official Grocery PArtner of the Los Angeles Dodgers

Participating Item List

Week 26-30 Dodgers Promotion

Purchase participating items from brands: Tyson, Hillshire Farm & Jimmy Dean from June 26-July 30, 2019.  Enter for a Chance to Win the Grand Slam Sweepstakes. Details will print on the register receipt.

ITEM DescriptionSizeS&F Code
Tyson Buffalo Hot Chicken Hot Wings5 lb29637
Tyson Natural Cooked Sausage Patty4 lb47000
Tyson Fully Cooked Chicken Nuggets70 oz24663
Tyson Fc Grilled Strips22 oz49588
Tyson Tequila Lime Chicken Wings5 lb29870
Tyson Honey BBQ Wings5 lb29636
Tyson Breaded Chicken Breast Patties3.7 lb51511
Tyson Fully Cooked Southern Style Tenderloins40 oz24465
Tyson Twin Pack Cornish Hens3 lb47993
Tyson Grilled Chicken Breast19 oz48389
Tyson Spicy Breaded Chicken Patties26.22oz89988
Tyson Buffalo Crispy Strip2.5 lb46781
Tyson Crispy Chicken Strips2.5 lb24543
Tyson Chicken Tenderloins3 lb49545
Nature Raised Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast 2 lb64605
Tyson Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast5 lb49528
Tyson All Natural Boneless Skinless Thigh5 lb47626
Tyson Dinner 4 Cheese Chicken & Broccoli Pasta38 oz64603
Tyson Dinner Chipotle Chicken And Vegetable37 oz65234
Tyson Dinner Kit Tomato Herb Chicken & Vegetable38 oz65198
Tyson 2pack Cornish Hens3lb84210
Advance Pierre Drive Thru Spicy Chicken Sandwich5.7 oz26968
Advance Pierre Drive Thru Bacon Cheeseburger4.9 oz26967
Fast Fixin Chicken Breast Nuggets56 oz3445
Barber Cordon Bleu Chicken30 oz49801
Fast Fixin Chicken Breast Strips56 oz3442
Fast Fixin Beef Steak Eze28 oz49534
Fast Fixin Chicken Breast Strips24 oz69768
Fast Fixin Chicken Breast Nuggets24 oz69752
Fast Fixin Popcorn Chicken20 oz69772
Fast Fixin Country Fried Steak45.5 oz49536
Advance Pierre Steak EZE Grilled Chicken Sandwich40 oz27843
Barber Broccoli & Cheese Chicken30 oz49800
Barber Foods Chicken Cordon Bleu Raw10 oz46841
Advance Pierre Steak EZE Cheeseburger37.2 oz27848
Barber Chicken Kiev30 oz47042
Advance Pierre Steak EZE Bacon Cheeseburger38.4 oz27823
Cinnabon Gooey Bites W/Frosting17 oz16059
Barber Foods Chicken Broccoli Cheese Raw10 oz46842
Barber Chicken Parmesan30 oz47082
Barber Foods Chicken Kiev Raw10 oz46844
Hillshire Farms Wine & Cheese Snacking Small Plate2.76 oz52151
Hillshire Farms Calabrese Cheese Small Plate2.76 oz52161
Jimmy Dean Pork Roll Sausage Sage16 oz70005
Jimmy Dean Roll Sausage2 lb47512
Jimmy Dean Roll Hot Sausage16 oz70008
Jimmy Dean Roll Sausage Regular16 oz70003
Jimmy Dean Fully Cooked Turkey Links38.4 oz66909
Hillshire Farm Sliced Oven Roasted Turkey Tub16 oz65534
Hillshire Farms Honey Ham16 oz65528
Hillshire Farms Variety Pack Lunchmeat16 oz52142
Hillshire Farm Ultra Thin Turkey32 oz49473
Hillshire Farm Ultra Thin Ham32 oz49475
Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowl Turkey Sausage7 oz24083
Jimmy Dean Bacon Breakfast Bowl7 oz23943
Jimmy Dean Sausage Breakfast Bowl7 oz23944
Jimmy Dean Pancake/Sausage On A Stick30 oz49799
Jimmy Dean Blueberry Pancake Sausage30 oz72944
Jimmy Dean Sausage Cheese Croissant36 oz50114
Jimmy Dean Sausage Egg Biscuit36 oz50112
Jimmy Dean Sausage Biscuit20 ct50113
Jimmy Dean Meat Lovers Sausage Egg & Cheese Sandwich4 ct62139
Jimmy Dean Delight Turkey Sausage Egg Chesse Muffin61.2 oz29966
Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Croissant4 ct50111
Jimmy Dean Delights Turkey Sausage Egg Muffin20.4 oz83833
Jimmy Dean Delights Canadian Bacon Egg Chees Muffin18 oz83834
Jimmy Dean Canadian Bacon Whole Cracked Egg Cheese Muffin35.2 oz32196
Jimmy Delight Chicken Apple Smoked Sausage Muffin20.4 oz32195
Aidells Chicken Meatballs24 oz7856
Aidells Cajun Style Andouille Pork Sausage24 oz86339
Aidells Italian Style Chicken Sausage24 oz59134
Aidells Chicken & Apple Sausage24 oz97457
Rudy Farm Mild Sausage Patty3 lb49641
Rudy Farms Hot Sausage Patty48 oz49657
Hillshire Farm Smoked Cheddarwurst Sausage13.5 oz56840
Hillshire Farm Smoked Beef Hot Link Sausage13.5 oz56844
Hillshire Farm Smoked Polska Kielbasa12 oz28066
Hillshire Farm Smoked Beef Sausage12 oz26231
Hillshire Farms Beef Smoked Sausage 36 oz44530
Hillshire Farms Polska Rope Sausage42 oz44539
Hillshire Farms Litl Beef Smokies24 oz45573
Hillshire Farms Litl Smokies28 oz45572
Gallo Salami Chub32 oz45575
Gallo Italian Salami3.0 oz25817
Gallo Deli Style Salami7 oz25818
Gallo Italian Salami18.5 oz45594
Gallo Italian Dry Salami2/16 oz45570
Gallo Deli Style Salami15.2 oz25816